Loaning Of Under 18's

Loaning of Players at Under 18s A founder member of the football league is currently running a loan programme for under 18s, they go on loan at local Non-league clubs and feature in the clubs first team games.

"It's been criticised by certain quarters loaning our youth lads out but reports coming in from those who observed the lads today say that the project is paying off with the players more than holding there own. My thoughts perhaps we may not see the full rewards until they return at play again at youth level? One thing for sure I asked the lads themselves and most important they are enjoying it" Dave Bailey an Academy Head of Recruitment If we look at current premier league and England sensations Harry Kane, Deli Ali and Jamie Vardy been loaned out has certainly aided and helped their development and shaped what they are today? A club also owes it to there under 18s to give a chance to prove they can handle more senior football, if they are retained the clubs first team manager knows the young players can handle men's football in terms of the physicality's, if they are sadly released they have showcased their talents to a wider audience outside of youth team football. Dave Bailey also commented "We also feel it's a good call in terms of allowing our under 16s to be promoted into the under 18s youth team as a means of developing them ahead of going football time come June, July" This club in particularly has huge finical constraints but good stability on and off the field but doesn't have a current Under 21s programme, which I am sure in another blog we will discuss our thoughts on the Under 21s and how this some feel is failing our 19-21s development.