Scouts Protocol

All scouts will attend local grass roots matches in the Lancashire area include town and district teams to assess players on request by head of recruitment.

All scouts will be asked to attend training and academy matches on a monthly basis to see the standard of player that we have in the academy and will liaise with coaches and head of recruitment regarding players we require.

If a player meets the requirements for the academy the scout will use the scouting protocol outlined in ****

The scout will inform the head of recruitment by a phone call, then by email with all the players details.

The head of recruitment will then contact the player’s parents via phone call or email to invite the player to come in to the academy for a 6-week trial.

If the player accepts the trial the Head of Recruitment will inform the Lead Phase coach and relevant age group coaches of the date of when the player will be coming in.

Receive information of players to watch from the club.

Fill out scouting report

Keep personal records of clubs and players visited.

Log Everything.

Never speak directly to a player unless with consent and a parent present.

Report all findings to the head of recruitment.

Always be professional as you are a representative of ****